Morning Engagement is an opportunity for students to enjoy some breakfast while increasing a sense of connectedness, belonging and engagement within the College. We have had amazing feedback from students, families and staff on how morning engagement successfully contributes to building positive relationships between teachers and students. Since it has begun, we have seen an increase in attendance and engagement from students coming to Morning Engagement. (Key improvement strategy 1B – Healthy, happy and active kids).

Morning engagement currently runs every Monday and Friday from 8am until 8.25am outside room 32!

Whether it’s toasting bread, spreading some butter or having a competitive game of connect 4 with students, we would love some volunteers from our community. If you would like to help and have a working with children check, please email the school on

Morning engagement is mostly funded by foodbank. Foodbank also provides the school an opportunity to order food hampers to help families that would like some support. Please reach out to the school if you would like more information or if you would like food hampers for your family. (1 hamper is enough for one student for 2 weeks)