Return to On-site Schooling

Term 2


05.28.20 F-2 Attendance Day


05.28.20 Translated copies for the COVID-19 Return to School Policy


05.28.20 Return to School Policy Reminders


05.26.20 Community Engagement Resources Update


05.25.20 F-2 Return to School Tuesday 26th May 2020


05.21.20 College's Return to School Policy

05.20.20 Message from Mrs Crowle about the staged return to onsite school

05.14.20 Staged Return to Onsite Schooling

05.14.20 Translated Versions of Return to Onsite Schooling Information


Dear Families,

05.08.20 A message from your College Captains

05.05.20 Supporting Your Child at Home

05.01.20 Message from our School Council President- Ms Jagruti Dave

04.28.2020 Current Advice for Victorian Schools

04.23.2020 Teacher Communication

04.22.2020 Resource Requests

Dear Families, 

Thank you for continuing to provide support for remote and flexible learning at home, we know you are doing your best and we appreciate your efforts.
The different requests for resources to assist with learning that each of you have provided to teachers has been passed on to the Remote and Flexible Learning Team.
We are currently working our way through each of your requests and organising resources as needed.
Families are currently being contacted to arrange for the collection of learning resources to support the remote and flexible learning you are doing at home.  
We thank you for your patience.
Kind regards,
Brad Robertson
Learning Specialist

04.21.2020 Remote and Flexible Learning

Dear Families, 

 Your child’s teacher will make contact with you twice this week via telephone. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about your child’s learning and request support as needed.

 This week, we are encouraging students to complete the following each day:

o    Literacy learning experiences of about 45-60 minutes.
o    Numeracy learning experiences of about 30-45 minutes.
o    Additional learning areas, play-based learning and physical activity of about 30-45 minutes.

o    Literacy learning experiences of about 45-60 minutes.
o    Numeracy learning experiences of about 30-45 minutes.
o    Physical activity of about 30 minutes.
o    Additional curriculum areas of about 90 minutes.

As always, if you have any questions, please have them prepared to support the learning conversations with your child’s classroom teacher this week. 

Kind regards,
Courtney Hodgson

04.17.2020 Foundation - Year 9 Remote and Flexible Learning Resources Update

The Foundation to Year 9 Remote and Flexible Learning resources are now available. These learning resources will support remote and flexible learning from Monday 20.04.20 – Friday 01.05.20.

Your child’s teacher will call twice weekly to have learning conversations with you or your child. Phone calls provide the opportunity for staff to check in with your child’s learning, proveide them with feedback, answer any questions you may have and record further support your family may need. Please have your telephones on.

If you have any questions, please email the College at:

We encourage you to use this subject heading for your email:
Attention (Insert Teacher’s Name).

Thank you for your continued support in providing routine, encouragement and support for your child’s remote and flexible learning. Further resources, advice and tips for parents can be found at:


04.17.2020 Term 2 family Information

Dear Families,

We would like to extend our thanks to each and every member of our school community during this time of transition to remote and flexible learning.  The overwhelming response from many families is that it has been a positive experience.  It is heartening to see such a genuine display of our College values of respect, responsibility, learning and resilience.

The learning made available for all students this week has been guided by the requirements set out by the Department of Education and Training.

Beginning in week two, students and families will receive detailed and differentiated remote and flexible learning packs.

The learning materials for Monday 20th April – Friday 1st May will be published on Compass News Feed and available by 4.30pm on Friday 17th April.

All remote and flexible learning will continue to be made available via the Compass News Feed, which you can see as soon as you log in to Compass via a web browser or the app. The News Feed appears on the Homepage for all families and school staff and is an effective way to communicate with our school community.

For those families without any access to the internet, hard copies of learning materials will be provided and a staff member will be in contact to organise collection.

Teachers, Education Support staff and school leaders will continue to support your child’s learning and wellbeing.  You will receive a phone call twice weekly within normal working hours. Phone calls are an opportunity to check in with one another, discuss your child’s learning needs and request further supports as needed.  Please note that in most cases the calling number will display as ‘No Caller ID.’

Currently, if you wish to speak to your child’s teacher between these phone calls, please follow our usual process of contacting via our College email or the front office on 03 9368 9800.

We will provide details with additional ways to communicate directly with your child’s teacher on Friday 24th April.

Please find attached helpful information from the Department of Education and Training to support you with remote and flexible learning. This includes guidance about setting up a learning environment, establishing routines and managing screen time. There is also advice on supporting your child’s health and wellbeing, and for parents and carers of children with additional needs.

The Department of Education and Training’s latest advice on the coronavirus can be found at

Thank you for your continued support in providing routine, encouragement and support for your child’s remote and flexible learning. Further resources, advice and tips for parents can be found at:

The Victorian Government and the Victorian Chief Health Officer have given very clear direction that in Term2, every student who can learn from home must learn from home.

Access to onsite supervision and care will be provided to a small number of students under limited circumstances. Please contact the college via email or phone to discuss your family needs.

It is important that we continue to work together and support each other during this unprecedented time.

Please continue to stay safe and healthy.

Yours sincerely


Jennifer Crowle


04.17.2020 Term 2 DET Information

Dear Families,

Please see attached information from DET.

04.17.2020 DET Information For Parents And Carers

04.16.2020 Translated Versions of Remote and Flexible Learning

Dear Families,

Translated versions of the F-4 and 5-9 Remote and Flexible Learning resources for the 15th April – 17th April are now available on Compass in Samoan, Hindi, Urdu, Somali and Dinka.


04.15.2020 New arrangements for school education for Term 2

Dear Families,

Please see below the new arrangements for school education by The Department of Education for Term 2. 

04.15.2020 Ms Atta Department Of Education & Training

04.14.2020 Term 2 Remote and Flexible Learning

Dear Families, 

Please see attached information on Remote and Flexible Learning from Mrs Crowle.

04.14.2020 Term 2 Remote And Flexible Learning

Student Wellbeing


04.27.2020 Student Wellbeing