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Truganina College provides a curriculum, assessment and reporting environment that encourages students to strive for excellence in all of their learning endeavours. Truganina College develops and communicates the College’s sequential teaching and learning curriculum driven by strong assessment and reporting practices to ensure it delivers a comprehensive, global and culturally inclusive curricula.

Truganina College undertakes a range of student assessment and reporting practices to inform and support student learning. Assessment is the ongoing process of gathering, analysing and interpreting, using and reflecting on data to make informed and consistent judgements about learners’ progress and achievement to improve learning.

Reporting communicates comprehensive information about student learning and achievement in different forms to a range of audiences and for a variety of purposes.

  • Student reporting: Truganina College reports to families using student reports, to strengthen family partnerships by engaging teachers and families in regular and meaningful communication about students’ learning needs.
  • School reporting: Truganina College reports to the local community via their annual report, providing a concise summary of the College’s achievements and progress. This is available on the College’s website.
  • System reporting: The Department reports Truganina College’s systemic improvement to the broader educational community through state-wide and national reports, providing statistical and related information about Victorian educational outcomes.

Triangulation of learning data is process of using at least three different sources of student assessment evidence/data when making educational decisions about a student’s level of achievement against the Victorian Curriculum.

At Truganina College teachers and PLCs work collaboratively to moderate evidence of student learning to accurately represent each individual student’s achievement and growth.

Triangulation Visible

Feedback is an important part of teaching and learning at Truganina College. It is a key feature of the Truganina College Instructional Framework. Feedback informa students and teachers about the student’s performance. Consider: Where am I going? How am I going? Where to next?

Please see below examples of feedback from students’ workbooks. All feedback provided is based upon professional learning from John Hattie’s text, Visible Learning For Teachers – Maximising Impact On Learning.