Student Leadership – How Do We Do This?
Student Voice and Leadership
Adele Zhang 5B (2023)
Anani Hailu Tadesse 8B (2023)
Aryana Vartazarian 5J (2023)
Muhammad Mohson 5F (2023)
Raiha Suleman 5J (2023)
Samyukta Mada 8E (2023)
Sauviri Sharma 8D (2023)
Sunny Tran 5B (2023)
Yug Kiri 5F (2023)

Student Leadership – How Do We Do This?

  • Encouraging students to share their vision for improvement at the College
  • Clear set of College Expectations, modelled within and beyond the College
  • A continuum of procedures for encouraging leadership opportunities
  • Common purpose and approach to learning and wellbeing, promoted by student leaders

Student Voice and Leadership

  • Developing Student Voice at the College in all learning, wellbeing and curriculum areas
  • Building the presence of Student Leadership around the College
  • Community participation and collaboration with other schools