Student Empowerment supports schools to create a culture that values and promotes student participation. This includes:

  • informing students about their rights and responsibilities in an age-appropriate way
  • recognising the importance of friendships and peer support
  • enabling students to actively participate in creating a culture that is safe for them and their peers.

Benefits of Empowering Students

Empowering children and young people improves child safety. Policies and practices that are shaped by children’s and young people’s views can better prevent the risk of harm. Children and young people are more likely to speak up when they feel respected and confident that they will be heard.

Supporting Friends and Peers

Children and young people benefit from strong friendships. They often see their friends as their main source of support, information and advice, and will go to them for help.

Supporting students to raise concerns about the safety or wellbeing of their friends to encourage students to support their peers.

Truganina College is all about building a positive social culture that will promote both social and academic success.