As a College, we are committed to seeking ongoing feedback which helps us to create strong relationships between our staff and students.

The Student Attitudes to School Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education, which is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of student experiences and perceptions about a range of areas, some including: academic rigour, student voice and agency, student behaviour, safety and student engagement.

Our College conducts the Attitudes to School Survey for Years 4-9 students, in a differentiated way. All Year 4-9 students are encouraged to participate and share their voice about what the College is doing well, and areas in which we can improve.

The following chart shows students’ overall satisfaction with their learning and wellbeing at the College.

2023 Student Attitudes to School Survey

Truganina P-9 College Results

Survey Question % Positive Endorsement by Students
My teacher tells us what we are learning and why. 97%
My teachers ask me to explain my answers. 91%
My teacher asks questions to check that we understand. 97%
My teacher makes learning fun. 94%
My teacher sets clear rules for classroom behaviour. 97%