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Dear Truganina College Community,

Thank you for visiting our new website! Our new website has been achieved through high levels of collaboration, student voice, leadership and agency. Congratulations to our 2023 College Captains for your leadership, hard work, dedication and commitment to this project!

I am incredibly proud to be leading this College, especially having being part of the foundation staff that opened the College in 2015. I would like to acknowledge the highly effective leadership of the founding Principal, Jenny Crowle in setting up the College with strong vision, high levels of passion and rigour in all we do. These qualities are highly visible today, in all we do, especially with our differentiated teaching and learning practices, wrapped always in wellbeing supports.

I am a very passionate educator with global experience in Education including both interstate and overseas appointments throughout my career. I am highly committed to my own learning and development. I have been awarded a scholarship from the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership to pursue my Masters in Instructional Leadership at Melbourne University. I believe that both adult and student learners should have the opportunity to grow and acquire the knowledge and personal skills required to achieve their full potential.

My focus is forever on fostering collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking among my team, my students, my community. Working closely with others is the most rewarding part of my role, as we shape the bright and exciting future of education together.

I talk a lot about being a good human – and our opportunities every day, to be even better humans! We approach all we do here at the College with high levels of care, kindness and gratitude. It shines through in our high levels of achievement, growth and expectations we have of ourselves and others.

As always, please feel very welcome to come and say hello, have a chat, or a cup of tea! We look forward to talking more with you soon.

Kind regards,

Nicole O’Brien
College Principal


Freeman – Green House

Cathy Freeman, a former Aboriginal Australian Olympian specialising in the 400 meters running, holds the eighth-fastest time in history with a personal best of 48.63 seconds. The 2000 Sydney Olympics showcased her as she not only ignited the Olympic flame, carrying the torch into the arena but also won the gold in the women’s 400 meters. In a symbolic act of reconciliation and pride in her Aboriginal heritage, Cathy took a victory lap with both the Australian flag and the Aboriginal flag, despite the latter not being officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee.



Unaipon – Yellow House

David Unaipon was an influential Australian Aboriginal inventor, writer, and public speaker. David was a member of the Ngarrindjeri people and best known for his contributions to the field of engineering and his innovative work on a mechanical sheep shearing machine. His designs greatly improved the efficiency of shearing and had a significant impact on the Australian wool industry.

In addition to his engineering prowess, David Unaipon was also a gifted writer and thinker. He was known for his keen observations on science, literature, and Indigenous culture. Unaipon’s book “Legendary Tales of the Australian Aborigines,” aimed to share and preserve Aboriginal stories and cultural insights.

David Unaipon was a vocal advocate for the rights and recognition of Indigenous Australians and he used his platform as a public speaker to promote understanding and appreciation of Indigenous cultures. In 1985, Unaipon’s image appeared on the Australian fifity-dollar banknote, a testament to his lasting impact on Australia’s society and his enduring significance as a prominent Indigenous figure.


Thurston – Blue House

Johnathan Thurston, a rugby league sensation and proud Gungarri man from southwest Queensland, marked his international debut for the Australian rugby league team in 2006. His first State of Origin victory with the Queensland side followed soon after. Taking on the role of captain for the North Queensland Cowboys in 2007, he also led the Indigenous All Stars in 2011 and secured a spot in the prestigious Indigenous Team of the Century.

Beyond the field, Thurston actively engages with students through the Cowboys’ education-focused community programs, delivering positive messages about the importance of education and hard work. Committed to making a positive impact, he believes in the significant role education plays in bridging gaps. Thurston enjoys widespread respect from fellow players, fans, and the community for his contributions both on and off the field.


Namatjira – Red House

Albert Namatjira stands as one of Australia’s esteemed artists, earning recognition as one of the most prominent Aboriginal painters in our history. Diverging from traditional Aboriginal art, his western-style landscapes propelled him to fame. As an Aranda man, Albert received education at a Lutheran mission school and later became a teacher at the Finke River Aboriginal Mission School. In 1953, he was bestowed with the Queen’s Coronation Medal, and in 1968, he was honored with a dedicated Australian postage stamp.

Meet our College House Captains


Freeman – Green House Captains – Yug Kiri and Asmara Kashif

Unaipon – Yellow House Captains – Arwin Kottinti and Aalya Dabas 

 Thurston – Blue House Captains – Raiha Suleman and Aryana Vartazarian Haftevani

Namatjira – Red House Captains – Amna Rizvi and Sunny Tran