Community Engagement in Learning

Welcome to the Community Engagement in Learning page. On this webpage, you will find information and educational resources to support your child’s learning at home.


Purpose Statement

Community Engagement in Learning Team

Our staff are committed to engaging families in their children’s learning. Our aim is to provide opportunities for families to participate in experiences that will help build an understanding of how our children learn. We strive to strengthen educational partnerships across our College community and beyond.

Information Sessions

Supporting Your Child’s Learning at Home
Parent Engagement in Learning Course

Term 1, 2019 – Parents participate in Parent Engagement in Learning Course. The course teaches how to use a range of reading comprehension strategies (developed by Duke & Pearson) which research shows help students develop literacy skills.
If you are interested in joining the “Parent Engagement Learning Course” and support our school community, please speak to the office staff.

Educational Resources

At Truganina College, we set high expectations for all students to succeed. Please find below a selection of key educational resources to motivate and support your child’s learning at school as well as at home.


Reading Mantra

We developed this Reading Mantra here at Truganina College as a brief, visual guide to help support our students develop their thinking and deepen their understanding of what they are reading. Students use this across the College during reading.
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F-9 Reading Mantra

The following videos show students using the Reading Mantra for deeper understanding – Video




Maths Mantra

We developed this Maths Mantra here at Truganina College as a brief guide to help support our students thinking when they are responding/solving Maths problems. It’s simply a structured way for them to think about how to do this.

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Years F-4 Maths Mantra

Years 5-9 Maths Mantra

This video shows students using the Maths Mantra for problem solving – Video


Reading Comprehension Strategies